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released January 5, 2012

Tracks 1-3 and 5 recorded and engineered and what-have-you by Joe Visciano. 4 and 6 by Sam the man.



all rights reserved


bellwire Boston, Massachusetts

American solo tour with Jake McKelvie: 6/19 - 7/21.

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Track Name: The Chickadee Tree
I don't have hands to steal.
I tried their will, but they swore it was evil.
There's a fear in me
the rules are as clear as they seem
in Sunday School scenes.

The sun is back, I saw.
I stood on the loading dock
wishing I could draw
the sight that proves
winter will end after all.
It belongs on my wall...
but I'll miss the chickadee tree.

I wish I could spread it on canvas,
but how many words is a bad picture worth?

I scribble what I notice
in words that I won't revise
about birds I don't recognize.
It's something that I need
to commit to memory.

My frozen waffle's cooked.
I find a plate and close my book.
I could not live off
a penny a thought very long.
Track Name: Surfing Out Your High School
He said, "I can't let go. I know. I know."
and then he filled the car with the radio.
The puddles in the road from snow deceased
all spluttered from our wheels like words through teeth.

The cold had pulled us taut. I thought we'd snap.
We had a slingshot spring, like a thunderclap.

The Earth is full of space above our heads.
There are no ghosts to help us fill it in.
A message from the sky was sent to me:
We'll have to sew our souls from memories.
Track Name: Five Toes on the Hay Bale
The town looked up to the sky.
Their living done, it was time to survive
and I could sympathize.

Tell my parents I went to Paris
to do a trick I don't show anyone.
I'll take my favorite self and shoot through the sea.
How grand would I be? How grand I would be.

I cried when my toe touched the bay.
"I could help if I decided to stay,"
but I went anyway.

It was worse than the days I'm certain
my time is better spent with animals.
I felt too cold to think, I turned and I found
sinking crystal figures, no sound
when they woke up underwater and drowned.
Track Name: Plum Black
No one took a photograph,
but everything still froze.
It feels empty except for me wandering,

No clouds for blankets--
the Earth gets cold.
Don't the trees need to let out their water?
The wind won't blow.

You don't know the half of it.
I've tried
to make my peace with November--
the trees all coughing up leaves.

I left seeking solitude
in the middle of a bridge.
The wind seemed like it could lift me
but it never did.